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Siser EasyWeed EcoStretch 12" White

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Go GREEN with EasyWeed EcoStretch!

Siser continues the push for sustainability with EasyWeed EcoStretchEasyWeed EcoStretch is mad with an eco-friendly water based solution, yet it still retains the soft, lightweight and stretchy qualities that you know and love from the EasyWeed Stretch.  Plus, a super low application temperature at just 250 F/ 120 C means that your heat press uses less energy --which is also a win for your electricity bill!  And when you've got scraps leftover, both the film and the carrier are 100% recycleable (check with your local municipality for recycling guidelines)!  With EasyWeed EcoStretch, you can continue to creat high-quality garments while reducing our impact on the planet. 

EasyWeed EcoStretch is 90 microns / 3.5 Mils and is a water-based polyurethane composition.

EasyWeed EcoStretch is CPSIA Certified so it's safe to use on garments that will be worn by infants and children.