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Alba-Chem VLR Vinyl Remover - 6 ounce

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Let's be real...we all make mistakes...

Have you ever had an "oops" with a heat transfer vinyl project?  What if you could fix that mistake and salvage that shirt? Ah-mazing, right?  Don't let the dreaded "mistake" haunt you anymore...AlbaChem VLR Vinyl Letter Remover Solvent to the rescue! 

AlbaChem® VLR Vinyl Letter Remover Solvent removes heat transfer vinyl and residue from most fabrics. It leaves no stains and does not contain any chlorinated solvents. It is fast drying and water soluble. AlbaChem® VLR HTV Remover is a fast, effective solution for garment graphic mistakes. The Yorker spout makes for easy application and minimizes waste.


Use only in a well ventilated area. Test on fabric before use.

  1. Shake well.
  2. Turn the garment inside-out.
  3. Apply the solvent to the underside of the heat applied material. This will release the vinyl from the fabric.
  4. Stretch or pull the area of the mistake. This will make the heat applied material start to peel off of the garment.
  5. Pull off the offending heat transfer vinyl.
  6. Remove any residue left on the front side of the garment by applying AlbaChem® VLR to a clean white rag and rubbing off the residue. Repeat process if necessary.